Features & Benefits

Aztec is a superior brand of self-adhesive laminates manufactured exclusively for the AIMS Group.

  • Outstanding quality of face papers
  • Variety of proven adhesive formulations
  • Excellent release papers
  • One of the most stable laminates currently available
  • All the adhesives are acrylic-based compounds (no solvents are present)
  • Unprinted backing paper to allow for printed images where required
  • Split-back products have precision splits every 38mm

Adhesive initial track final track service temp. App. temp.
permanent adhesive for general use. Good temperature and bleed resistance.
Good Very Good -15°C to +90°C +5°C (min)
ideal for rough surfaces such as brown packaging – also suitable for most plastics.
Very Good Very Good -20°C to +90°C +5°C (min)
for general use offering good short and long term removability on most surfaces. NB – the adhesive tack may change over prolonged periods.
Weak Medium -20°C to +60°C +5°C (min)

selecting the correct adhesive

  • The surface/application the eventual self-adhesive label is destined for MUST be taken into consideration when selecting a self-adhesive stock for printing. It is VITAL the eventual surface the label is being applied to is known so that the merchant can recommend the appropriate adhesive type.
  • Ideally a sample should be tested on the surface first. Even relatively good surfaces such as glass or steel, may be coated with agents to prevent scuffing or erosion: these agents can impair the performance of many self-adhesives.
  • Plastics are often problematic surfaces for self-adhesive labels, because they may be contaminated with release agents used during their manufacture: they may even be prone to gassing which will inevitable impair self-adhesive performance.
  • Brown corrugated packaging often has particularly challenging surfaces: they are typically rough and as such will reduce the contact area between the adhesive and the surface. Additionally, brown packaging is invariably made from recycled materials which often contain plastic or silicon residues which again will detrimentally affect the performance of a self-adhesive.
  • Removable adhesives should ideally be tested for as long as possible under service conditions to ensure the surface the label is applied to does not have a coating/surface treatment which will affect the ‘removability’ of the label.
  • The Aztec range contains a variety of adhesives to cater for most surfaces, applications and operating conditions: permanent, supertack, supertack plus, permanent deep freeze, removable, permanent for plastics, water removable, permanent for wet surfaces etc. If in anydoubt, please consult your merchant

technical Guidelines

The relative ease customers now experience in printing and finishing self-adhesive laminates belies the fact that these are very complex products comprising a face paper, a soft adhesive coating, a silicone coating and a robust backing paper. All four components can react very differently in any
given environment, therefore we recommend that the following guidelines are adhered to wherever possible:

  • Guillotine clamp pressure should be set at the minimum level
  • Stack heights must not exceed 60-80mm on paper grades and 30-40mm on filmic grades
  • The newer the guillotine blade the better
  • Ensure the guillotine blade is always kept clean: use a suitable solvent to regularly remove any adhesive residue and ALWAYS apply a layer of silicone spray after cleaning.
  • All split back products have splits 38mm apart running in the grain direction.
  • Most Aztec laminates are laser compatible but we recommend you trial first.
  • Never leave any stack of self-adhesive laminates unwrapped and exposed to the environment: always wrap & protect between processes.
  • Storage temperatures should never exceed 35°C or fall below 5°C.
  • Avoid any exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators.
  • Ensure the material is at press room temperature PRIOR to opening the wrappers.
  • Ideal printing conditions are 50-55 % RH @ 18- 23°C.
  • Always ensure the surface the label is to be affixed to is clean and dust free. To apply the label, peel the backing away and then press the face material firmly across the whole area of the label

Aztec Self-adhesive Range Chart

Part 1

Type Adhesive Solid Back Split Back GSM Pack QTY A4 SRA 2 500x700mm 700x1000mm*
Standard Papers
White Offset Permanent 80 200
White Offset Deep Freeze Perm 80 200
White Offset Supertack 80 200
White Offset Supertack+ 80 200
White Offset Removable 80 200
MC Matt Permanent 90 200
MC Gloss Permanent 80 200
MC Gloss Supertack 80 200
MC Gloss Removable 80 200
Cast Coated Permanent 80 200
Speciality Papers Adhesive Solid Back Split Back GSM Pack QTY A4 SRA 2 500x700mm 700x1000mm*
Laser Print Permanent 70 200
Semi Gloss Opaque Supertack 80 200
Copy CF 57 Permanent 57 200
Tyvek 75 Supertack 75 125
White Satin Fabric 120 Supertack 120 125
100% Recycled Uncoated 80 Permanent 80 200
Double sided with paper core Supertack 60 core 100
Double sided with clear PP core Supertack 40 mic core 100
Semi Gloss Face 80 with Gloss back 100 Permanent 80/100 200 480×630
Boards Adhesive Solid Back Split Back GSM Pack QTY A4 SRA 2 500x700mm 700x1000mm*
Litho Board 170gsm Supertack 170 125
MC Gloss 120 Removable 120 BP 640×900
MC Gloss 120 Supertack 120 BP 500×700
Semi Gloss 150 gsm Supertack 150 125
Matt Board 160gsm Supertack 160 125
MC Board 240gsm Supertack 240 125
Cast Coated Board 180gsm Supertack 180 125
Cast Coated Paper with 180gsm backing Supertack 80/180 125
Part 2
Type Adhesive Solid Back Split Back GSM Pack QTY A4 SRA 2 500x700mm 700x1000mm*
Offset Yellow Supertack 80 200
Offset Green Supertack 80 200
Offset Blue Supertack 80 200
Offset Red Supertack 80 200
Fluorescents Adhesive Solid Back Split Back GSM Pack QTY A4 SRA 2 500x700mm 700x1000mm*
Orange Supertack 80 200
Yellow Supertack 80 200
Green Supertack 80 200
Red Supertack 80 200
Metallic Adhesive Solid Back Split Back GSM Pack QTY A4 SRA 2 500x700mm 700x1000mm*
Bright Gold Supertack 72 200
Matt Gold Supertack 72 200
Bright Silver Supertack 72 200
Matt Silver Supertack 72 200
Films Adhesive Solid Back Split Back GSM Pack QTY A4 SRA 2 500x700mm 700x1000mm*
Gloss Vinyl White Permanent 80mic 100
Gloss Vinyl White Removable 80mic 100
Gloss Vinyl Clear Permanent 80mic 100
Gloss Vinyl Clear Removable 80mic 100
Polypropylene Gloss White TC Permanent 60mic 200
Polypropylene Gloss Clear TC Permanent 60mic 200
Polypropylene Eco Matt White TC Permanent 60mic 200
Non Self-adhesive Grades Adhesive Solid Back Split Back GSM Pack QTY A4 SRA 2 500x700mm 700x1000mm*
SAM Gummed Offset/Laser 83 Gummed Perm 83 500
Self Cling PVC White Cling 150mic 100
Self Cling PVC Clear Cling 150mic 100

*Note: All B1 items are packed 100 sheets/pack


Solvents were a primary component when self-adhesive laminates were first developed: they were used in the adhesive and release compound formulations. However, Aztec self-adhesives are made without the use of solvents and employ acrylic based compounds to completely avoid the use of hazardous and environmentally unfriendly solvents.

All Aztec face papers are made from papers derived from certified wood products and are chlorine free.

Aztec products are BGVV and FDA approved for indirect contact with foodstuffs.

The deep freeze permanent adhesive is approved for direct contact with foodstuffs.

Aztec products are certified under EN71Pt3 – Safety of Toys.

The polypropylene films available in the Aztec range are recyclable and do not contain chlorine or plasticisers.

The Aztec range is under constant development and if you cannot see a product that you require please ask your local AIMS member. With short lead times and low making quantities, Aztec should be able to provide a quality solution for your adhesive requirements.

Offset printing on non-paper surfaces

It is important to note that conventional litho inks will NOT dry on non-absorbent surfaces such as plastic films or metallics. Conventional inks rely on absorption to dry, so when printing on films and metallics, oxidising inks MUST be used. In addition, the minimum amount of water should be present in the fount solution to avoid excess wetting which will delay drying, and could affect the properties of the ink. We recommend you consult your ink supplier prior to litho printing on any non-absorbent surface.