Performa White (GC1)

Performa White is an aesthetically appealing triple-coated GC1 board with a white-coated reverse side.  Its three-layer fibre structure includes chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) in the middle layer.

Performa White is also available hard sized (HS)

A premium renewable cartonboard that is ideal for folding cartons for packaging fragrances cosmetics, and personal care products.  For chocolates and confectionery, its proven taste and odour neutrality is a major benefit.

Additionally, Performa White performs well in graphical end uses and can stand up to the most demanding finishing effects.


  • Triple coated premium cartonboard with a white coated reverse
  • Outstanding on press performance
  • Ideal for folding cartons for cosmetics, pharma products
  • Excellent finishing properties
  • FSC certified

Range Chart

Grammage (gsm) 260 280 300 315 350
Thickness (mic) 400 440 475 505 585

□ Bulk packed

Technical Data

Grammage (gsm) 260 280 300 325 350
Thickness (mic) 400 440 475 505 585
Stiffness MD 33.7 43 51.3 59.1 78.7
Stiffness CD 14.3 18.3 22.4 25.9 35.9


Performa is manufactured by Stora Enso at one of Europe’s most advanced coated board mills in Sweden,  All Stora Enso sites have secured the strict ISO 14001 environmental certification, ISO9001 quality management and FSC chain of custody certification, thereby guaranteeing the wood and pulp used as raw materials have been sustainably sourced.