REY Office

Our REY Office is your best paper choice for versatility.

A top partner for success, its combination of high durability and optimal whiteness always offers you superior print quality for both B&W and colour applications.

  • Wide range of office applications
  • Optimal whiteness
  • High durability for long-term filing
  • FSC and EU EcoLabel certified

REY Office: the conscious paper that cares for you and your world.


  • Bright white for impressive contrast
  • Excellent stiffness and bulk
  • Optimum machine runnability for double-sided printing
  • Guaranteed for laser preprint
  • Guaranteed for mono and colour laser and ink jet




Range Chart

Size / Grammage 80
A4 / 4 Hole
A4 / Bulk Box

= Available in both bulk packed and ream wrapped

= Available in ream wrapped only

= Bulk packed only

Technical Information

Grammage (gsm) 80
Thickness (microns) 108
Whiteness (CIE) 161
Opacity (%) 93
Smoothness (bendtsen) 180


Fully guaranteed for use on all leading laser printers and copiers.


REY Office  is FSC certified and has been awarded the European Ecolabel certificate. It is manufactured at the Saillat mill in France, which is owned by International Paper, one of the world’s largest paper and pulp manufacturers. The mill only uses pulp which is produced from wood collected from carefully managed forests within 140km of the mill. The mill operates under the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification systems.